Communal dancefloor energy at one of
the world's most sustainable music festivals.

Paradise City Festival crowned the world's most sustainable music festival at the 2024 International AGF Awards.

Posted on
Feb 29, 2024

Our festival received the highest recognition at the AGF Awards in London.

The International AGF Awards recognize the most innovative and impactful efforts towards sustainability across various categories, including power, water, food, travel and community. Paradise City Festival distinguished itself by excelling in all these domains, earning the highest accolades for its tireless commitment to environmental stewardship and progressive initiatives.

AGF's CEO, Claire O'Neill, commended all the winners and nominees, emphasizing the critical role of culture in driving positive environmental change. Paradise City Festival's sustainability manager, Esther Koshari, echoed the sentiment of collective effort, acknowledging the dedicated team behind the festival's eco-friendly endeavours. "Sustainability is in the DNA of everything we do at Paradise City." This ethos resonates deeply with the festival's mission to inspire mindful living and responsible consumption among its visitors.

No more excuses: sustainability is the only way forward.

"We extend heartfelt gratitude to all participants for their commendable efforts. While celebrating this milestone, we acknowledge there's always room for improvement. Rest assured, we remain steadfast in our upward trajectory towards greater sustainability and responsible event practices. We are on the right track and committed to shaping a greener tomorrow for generations to come."

- Esther Koshari, Sustainability Manager at Paradise City Festival.

Notably, Paradise City Festival's exemplary achievements in sustainability include:

  • Solar-Powered Infrastructure: The Contrast Stage, powered by 99.22% solar energy, stands as a beacon of renewable energy integration. Partner Eneco spearheaded this initiative, demonstrating the fusion of music and green energy in a remarkable manner.

  • Meat-Free Food Court: Paradise City took a groundbreaking step in 2023 by introducing a completely meat- and fish-free food court, significantly reducing the festival's carbon footprint and aligning with its commitment to ethical and sustainable dining practices. This initiative not only won them the Greener Catering Award but also reaffirmed their dedication to fostering a sustainable food culture and emphasizing the impact of consumption choices on environmental sustainability.

  • Promotion of Eco-Friendly Transport: Recognizing the impact of transportation on carbon emissions, Paradise City actively promoted alternative travel options. Partnering with its neighbours of Brussels Airport the festival facilitated electric shuttle connections from Vilvoorde train station, making over 10.000 attendees to opt for train transport.

AGF is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability in events, festivals, and venues worldwide. Through certification, education, consultancy, and resources, AGF facilitates the adoption of environmentally efficient practices, fostering a culture of sustainability within the events industry.