Saturday Sweet Spot
YØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Sweet Spot together with: Adi, Aspetuck, Hame (Live), Martinou (live), noc:turne, Orion (live), Sybil & Voices from the Lake

You never really know what you're gonna get with this man, but it's gonna be a wild and deep ride. Born in Osaka in, Yousuke embarked on a DJ journey in 2008. A significant shift occurred in 2014 when he played alongside DJ Nobu & NHK'Koyxen at The Naminohana Special. After that, notable collaborations included sets with Cut Hands, PAN Records, and jungle legend Adam X. The following year saw the launch of his own event in Japan, Zone Unknown, inviting esteemed artists like Arca. Noteworthy performances include Berlin Atonal, solidifying his status in the East Asian electronic music scene and far beyond.