Saturday Concert Hall
YellowStraps will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Concert Hall together with: Jennifur (live), Love Remain, MEZERG, SBTRKT (live), Sofia Kourtesis (live) & VNVND (live AV)

YellowStraps, founded by brothers Yvan and Alban Murenzi in Brussels, has spent nearly a decade crafting a distinctive neo-soul fusion that has captivated audiences and gained recognition within Belgium's vibrant rap scene. Now being carried by just Yvan and guided by a desire for hybridity and influenced by various genres, including rock, R&B, neo-soul, and electronica, the latest album, Tentacle, represents a quest for ineffable emotions and experimental territories. Yvan's meticulous craftsmanship shines through tracks like 'Headown' and 'Notice', showcasing his vocal prowess and willingness to embrace electronic effects previously unexplored. Love remains a central theme throughout Tentacle's trilogy, from the raw emotions of 'Blame' to the introspection of 'Goldress', culminating in a sense of acceptance. The new iteration of YellowStraps emerges from a rich history infused with youthful vigour and creativity, embracing boundless exploration across landscapes of the mind and heart's tumult.