Voices from the Lake

Saturday Sweet Spot
Voices from the Lake will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Sweet Spot together with: Adi, Aspetuck, Hame (Live), Martinou (live), noc:turne, Orion (live), Sybil & YØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U

Voices from the Lake, a collaboration between Italian DJs and producers Donato Dozzy and Neel, emerged during the serene setting of Labyrinth Festival in Japan. Masters of ambient and leftfield techno, their partnership resulted in mesmerizing soundscapes characterized by slowly unfolding rhythms and textures. Their debut self-titled album garnered widespread acclaim for its spiritually charged techno, marked by synchronous elliptical patterns rather than traditional time signatures. Their second album, 'Live at MAXXI', showcased a more experimental and beat-free approach, drawing inspiration from underwater sounds and minimalism. In 2022, they reissued their debut album on their label Spazio Disponibile. They embarked on select shows performing it in full while continuing to produce new music and solidifying their position as ambient techno pioneers.