VNVND (live AV)

Saturday Concert Hall
VNVND (live AV) will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Concert Hall together with: Jennifur (live), Love Remain, MEZERG, SBTRKT (live), Sofia Kourtesis (live) & YellowStraps

At one of many house parties in an old flat in Antwerp, a plan was secretly hatched to create an audio-visual collective dedicated to neo-classical electronica. VNVND, the Dutch acronym for 'evening', emerged, seamlessly blending captivating visuals with electronic symphonies. Their debut on Moodfamily features five tracks characterized by compelling chords, robust sound design, intricate grooves, and a deep understanding of their surroundings. VNVND's music evokes a watery stream of pixels flowing through lush forests and glitched landscapes, creating a comforting yet powerful experience. Their subs scrape the paint from the ceiling, proving that for VNVND, the journey is the destination.