Toolate Groove

Friday Castle Stage
Toolate Groove will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Castle Stage together with: Dixon, DJ Koze, Fiona, Hangar Soundsystem & séa

Emerging from Brussels, Toolate Groove is a distinguished producer and DJ whose musical journey began with the gentle strokes of a piano. Transitioning from classical to jazz piano, he found his niche in electronic music production, infusing his compositions with jazz-inspired chords. With over a dozen releases, Toolate Groove is known for blending old-school underground sounds with a contemporary resonance. His tracks like "Post Meridian” pay homage to past masters while embracing modern expression. A curator of diverse genres from soulful grooves to old skool hip-hop, Toolate Groove's sets evoke the unpretentious allure of DJing's golden era. Co-founding Cosmic Breeze Records with Bass Toast, he fosters soulful sounds beyond musical boundaries. Outside music, Toolate Groove brings his creative vision to a scenographic/architecture studio, enriching his sonic landscapes with unique aesthetic dimensions.