Friday Sweet Spot
tINI will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Sweet Spot together with: Brassac, Eline Anne & r.omy, Katia Curie & Nizar Sarakbi, Raresh & Francesco del Garda & Rick Baguette & Rozevelt

tINI, a prominent figure in Munich's electronic music scene, embarked on her DJ career in 2003 with her signature tINI All Night Long events. Quickly gaining recognition, she toured globally as both a support DJ and a solo artist, establishing herself as a key figure in underground house and techno. In 2010, she launched tINI and the Gang, a renowned event series, showcasing her exemplary DJ skills and extensive vinyl collection. Her passion for music production led to releases like 'That's Right' in 2009 and her debut album 'Tessa' in 2011. In 2018, she founded her label 'Part of the Gang Records', further solidifying her influence in the industry. Celebrating a decade of tINI and the Gang in 2020, tINI continues to captivate audiences with her diverse musical style and positive energy.