Suze Ijó

Saturday Forest Stage
Suze Ijó will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Forest Stage together with: Anz, Bibi Seck, DJ Peugeot & EG, Mambele & Ron Trent

Suze Ijó, a house DJ hailing from Rotterdam, shapes her sonic identity through the multifaceted essence of 'house' as a mood, movement, ethic, and spiritual cultivation. Raised in Europe's largest seaport, Ijó's musical upbringing involved hip-hop, Caribbean, and Eurodance, influenced by the house sounds of Chicago and New York. Her nightlife journey, from working in local production to curation and full-time gigs, encompasses deep-cut RnB, soulful house, and polyrhythmic grooves. Despite a degree in social work, Ijó immersed herself in music, contributing to Clone Records and the First Floor collective. Her intentional club sets, resonating in renowned European venues and global tours, reflect a holistic approach to nightlife, emphasizing collective experience and spiritual connection.