Skin On Skin

Saturday Contrast Stage
Skin On Skin will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Contrast Stage together with: Bendrik & Max Telaer, Catalina, Hagop Tchaparian (live), ISAbella, Sally C & OCB & Zouzibabe

Skin On Skin has swiftly gained global acclaim for his distinctive fusion of techno, classic house, and alternative hip hop. Bursting onto the scene with a seismic debut EP in early 2019 on Steel City Dance Discs, featuring the underground hit 'Multiply,' the Australian has since released a series of sold-out records. Becoming a fixture in the global techno scene, Skin On Skin's 2022 world tour sold out rapidly. With a repertoire of sought-after IDs, he made his long-awaited Boiler Room debut and embarked on another headline solo tour, solidifying his takeover.