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Seawind of Battery (live)

Sunday Plantasia
Seawind of Battery (live) will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Plantasia together with: |||||||||||||||||||| (live), Ben Kamal, Coco Maria, DJ Koco, Hame, Laryssa Kim & Sean La'Brooy (DJ Set)

Mike Horn, also known as Seawind of Battery, embarks on a musical journey infused with the sounds of his upbringing in Queens, NYC. His musical awakening began amidst an eclectic mix of influences, from Michael Jackson to pop-rock dominating the radio. The mesmerizing sound of the pedal steel enriched his compositions with depth and texture, like a decorator breathing life into an empty space. His passion ignited after attending live performances, and he strives to create music that bridges emotion and sound. As an artist and sound curator, Seawind of Battery explores boundless creativity, driven by a deep-rooted love for music.