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Saphileaum (live)

Friday Plantasia
Saphileaum (live) will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Plantasia together with: Greg Foat (ft Moses Boyd on drums), Kim Kenis, Lele & Jo G & Natv:Men

Saphileaum, the artistic alias of Georgian multi-media talent Andro Gogibedashvili, draws inspiration from esoteric, mystic, and visionary art and teachings. Growing up in a musical and artistic family, Andro's personal work reflects a deep connection to these influences, shaping his cosmic, spherical, and light sound alchemy. His music, described as innovative and aware, spans genres like Ambient, Techno, Downtempo, and Tribal, embodying a fusion of new age and tropical house elements. With a discography spanning EPs, LPs, and VA releases over seven years, including notable records like "Transpersonal Experience" and "The Traveler," Saphileaum has crafted a unique sonic signature that captivates listeners with its atmospheric storytelling.