Roza Terenzi & THC

Friday Contrast Stage
Roza Terenzi & THC will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Contrast Stage together with: Cheb Runner & Sara Dziri, Daria Kolosova, Marlon Hoffstadt & Spirite

Bogota-born THC ignites dancefloors with her undeniable techno prowess. Her sets are a kaleidoscope of kinetic energy, blending high-octane beats with playful, soulful undertones. As a resident at Radiant Love and Venus Vessels, with releases on A7A, THC's sound is a vibrant celebration of unity and euphoria. Fellow Berlin-based Roza Terenzi, originally hailing from Australia, brings a unique blend of femme-forward rhythms and irreverent mischief to dancefloors worldwide. Her DJ sets are a fusion of eclectic rave sonics and enchanting grooves, while her productions dissolve genre constraints with elegant velocity. Collaborative and boundary-pushing, Roza Terenzi's musical vision transcends nostalgia, embracing the magical potential of the present and future.