Rival Consoles

Friday Concert Hall
Rival Consoles will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Concert Hall together with: Ão, Kiasmos (live), Michelle David & The True-Tones & System Olympia (Hybrid/Live)

Rival Consoles, a pioneering figure in UK electronic music, embarks on the NOW IS Live A/V Tour, presenting his latest album "Now Is" released on Erased Tapes. Renowned for infusing synthesizers with human-like qualities, London-based producer Ryan Lee West's career has evolved over fifteen years, transitioning from challenging electronic EPs to more conceptual albums. The tour offers an immersive audio-visual experience, showcasing material from his decade-long career and beyond. From deep ambient compositions to his distinctive take on techno, the performance promises a captivating journey through Rival Consoles' diverse sonic landscape, featuring live renditions of previously unheard tracks.