Rick Baguette & Rozevelt

Friday Sweet Spot
Rick Baguette & Rozevelt will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Sweet Spot together with: Brassac, Eline Anne & r.omy, Katia Curie & Nizar Sarakbi, Raresh & Francesco del Garda & tINI

Rick Baguette, a music enthusiast with a penchant for electronic genres, especially house, delivers a minimalistic yet funky approach to his DJ sets. Known for curating obscure and hypnotic records, he creates feel-good moments on the dance floor. Alongside Rozevelt, he co-hosts Radio Hot Buns, a party and radio concept aimed at supporting emerging talents in the scene. Rozevelt, also hailing from Antwerp, is revered in the underground scene for his groovy house beats and infectious energy. With a smile on his face, he's always ready to set the party on fire.