Friday Orbit Stage
Otis will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Orbit Stage together with: Angel D'lite & DJ Sweet6teen, Helena Lauwaert, Merve & Narciss, Pegassi & Trillosta

Otis is also known as the founder of Slagwerk, a label and highly in-demand Brussels-based event where contemporary music luminaries converge. With extreme experimentalism, avant-garde pop, global club sounds and deconstructed dance music mashed together, Slagwerk fosters a vibrant community while challenging the boundaries of club culture. Otis's DJ sets reflect this ethos, blending humour, emotion, and instinct to transcend conventional genres. From Boiler Room to Dekmantel Festival, Otis brings a dynamic energy to every performance. Embracing the spirit of musical exploration, Otis's sets captivate with their eclectic allure, striking a balance between innovation and accessibility.