Orion (live)

Saturday Sweet Spot
Orion (live) will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Sweet Spot together with: Adi, Aspetuck, Hame (Live), Martinou (live), noc:turne, Sybil, Voices from the Lake & YØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U

Milan-based duo Simone Baratta and Nicolò Chenet form the enigmatic outfit Orion. In addition to their work under this alias, they've collaborated with Giegling's Ateq as Pale Product, delving further into their sonic explorations. Despite flying under the radar for the most part, their irresistibly danceable sound, a deep fusion of influences, seems poised for wider recognition. Their residency at Milan's Vitamin, a renowned club, speaks to their prowess. Their eponymous label also reflects their commitment to quality, with a growing catalogue of 'slow release' records. Orion's focus on craftsmanship over quantity sets them apart in the electronic music landscape. Don't miss the chance to catch them performing live for this special occasion.