Lola Haro & Marcel Dettmann

Friday Forest Stage
Lola Haro & Marcel Dettmann will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Forest Stage together with: Asian Sal, Barker (live), Bjeor, Deetron, Emily Jeanne & Ogazón

In 2018, Lola Haro burst onto the scene with a fresh selection of warm sounds, earning recognition in the Belgian club scene. With residencies at Paradise City Festival and C12, a Boiler Room appearance, and the title of Red Bull Elektropedia's Most Promising Artist of 2019, she has quickly become a rising star who delivered. With the launch of her Small Steps label last year, she has made exciting steps forward.

Marcel Dettmann, a techno luminary, is synonymous with Berlin, Berghain, and Hard Wax. Since the mid-'90s, he has consistently innovated electronic music through his MDR and Bad Manners labels. Dettmann also fosters a timeless and innovative musical vision as a curator and producer. Beyond the club context, he contributes to diverse projects, from designing sound concepts for exhibitions to collaborating on contemporary dance performances.

Together, this somewhat unlikely duo will quickly make a lot of sense. Lola Haro and Marcel Dettmann will go back-to-back for this special occasion, combining their rich crates filled with old and new gold alike.