Communal dancefloor energy at one of
the world's most sustainable music festivals.

|||||||||||||||||||| (live)

Sunday Plantasia
|||||||||||||||||||| (live) will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Plantasia together with: Ben Kamal, Coco Maria, DJ Koco, Hame, Laryssa Kim, Sean La'Brooy (DJ Set) & Seawind of Battery (live)

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII, also known as Barcode, operates as a mysterious enigma in the music realm. Rejecting the tendency for musicians to become entwined in personality-driven social media engagements, this producer and musician purposefully removes their identity from the distribution of their music. Amidst a digital landscape where streaming platforms often diminish the value of artists' work, Barcode challenges norms by reducing their identity to a visual representation – a barcode. This visual symbolizes their creativity and serves as the sole marker of their artistry, devoid of any personal branding. As a result, listeners are left solely with the music itself, characterized by evocative and experimental percussive compositions that transcend conventional genre classifications and corporate labels.