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Lefto Early Bird presents 'Motherless Father In Movement'

Sunday Live Stage
Lefto Early Bird presents 'Motherless Father In Movement' will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Live Stage together with: Cymande, Floating Points & Vegyn (live)

Lefto Early Bird presents 'Motherless Father in Movement' is an innovative audiovisual contemporary dance performance, merging Lefto's love for music, dance, and art. Inspired by a unique blend of club, spiritual, and jazz influences, Lefto crafted a captivating musical narrative. The performance features dancers Isabelle Clarençon, Joffrey Anane, Rashad Zangaba, and Kassy Bondoko, who interpret Lefto's music through mesmerizing movement and lighting effects. Released in March 2024 on Brownswood Recordings, the album showcases Lefto's experimental approach to storytelling through sound and motion.