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Laryssa Kim

Sunday Plantasia
Laryssa Kim will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Plantasia together with: |||||||||||||||||||| (live), Ben Kamal, Coco Maria, DJ Koco, Hame, Sean La'Brooy (DJ Set) & Seawind of Battery (live)

Laryssa Kim, an Italo-Congolese singer and composer based in Brussels, embodies a rare ability to harmonize diverse sounds and practices into a captivating whole. Her musical journey began in Rome, where she collaborated with reggae musicians and DJs, refining her talents in live performance. Later, in Amsterdam, she delved into contemporary dance and physical theatre, expanding her creative toolkit. Settling in Brussels, Laryssa pursued a master's degree in electroacoustic music composition, further enriching her musical palette. Her compositions blend hypnotic vocals with intricate electronic and instrumental elements, creating mesmerizing landscapes of sound. In live performances, Laryssa's ethereal voice and experimental techniques captivate audiences, evoking a dreamlike atmosphere.