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Jonny Nash

Saturday Plantasia
Jonny Nash will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Plantasia together with: 7038634357, Alex Albrecht (live), Boris Van Overschee & Soft Focus, Cami Layé Okún, Coline Cornélis, David Datunashvili (live), DJ Rino & Gaiko & Baum (live)

Born and bred in Scotland, Nash embarked on a transformative journey in his twenties, studying Hindi, residing in a Tibetan monastery, and eventually settling in Japan in the early 2000s. Immersed in Tokyo's vibrant experimental music scene, Nash's passion for obscure disco flourished alongside DJ and digger-extraordinaire Chee Shimizu. As part of the ‘Discossession’ collective, he honed his craft, delving into the depths of disco and house music while exploring progressive rock, jazz, and ambient genres. Transitioning from DJing to music production was inevitable, leading to his debut record in 2008 and subsequent contributions to the cosmic-disco scene. Relocating to Amsterdam in 2016, Nash founded Melody As Truth, defining his contemplative ambient sound. Collaborations with Suzanne Kraft and the formation of Gaussian Curve solidified his status as an ambient luminary. Nash's diverse musical trajectory encompasses folk, acoustic, and collaborative projects, punctuated by live performances worldwide and notable audio-visual endeavors. His latest release, "Point of Entry," marks a return to his guitar-focused roots, reflecting the culmination of his musical odyssey.