Galcher Lustwerk (live)

Sunday Sweet Spot
Galcher Lustwerk (live) will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Sweet Spot together with: Boaksi (live), BSS, Jane Fitz, Marvin, Nosedrip & RIET

Galcher Lustwerk is a true original, crafting a vibe that's already become classic. The New York-based producer, DJ, and vocalist captured hearts in 2013 with "100% Galcher," a mix of all-original material blending deep house with smooth rap vocals. His style, described by Pitchfork as unlike anything else in dance music, earned him a devoted following and a deal with Ghostly International. From underground clubs like Panorama Bar to mainstream venues like Ministry of Sound, Lustwerk's music resonates with audiences worldwide. Whether DJing or performing live with vocals, his sound is essential and unmistakably his own: sensual, timeless, and utterly original.