Friday Castle Stage
Fiona will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Castle Stage together with: Dixon, DJ Koze, Hangar Soundsystem, séa & Toolate Groove

Fiona, a rising talent in the global electronic music scene, draws from her rich Italian and Swiss heritage while making waves from her base in Paris. Immersed in creative environments from a young age, her journey into music began early, fueled by a passion for sharing her taste and opinions. Inspired by her DJ cousin and her time in Los Angeles, Fiona fully embraced DJing and production upon her return to Europe. Despite pandemic-related challenges, she's emerged as an international force, captivating audiences worldwide with her euphoric blend of house and techno. Her radio residency on Rinse, "Planet to Planet," showcases her diverse influences and invites listeners on a sonic odyssey. With a commitment to pushing boundaries and creating electrifying atmospheres, Fiona is poised to make her mark on the electronic music scene.