DJ Peugeot & EG

Saturday Forest Stage
DJ Peugeot & EG will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Forest Stage together with: Anz, Bibi Seck, Mambele, Ron Trent & Suze Ijó

EG, an architect turned professional DJ and music producer, has quickly risen as a prominent figure in the French house scene. Her unique sets blend deep, soulful, progressive, and hip-house sounds, captivating audiences across Europe's premier clubs. Meanwhile, DJ Peugeot, a longtime resident of Soulful Sessions and co-founder of Sweaty Palms, brings a diverse range of styles to the table, from smooth downtempo grooves to energetic house and raw electronic beats. Together, they promise a dynamic B2B set that seamlessly merges their distinct musical identities, offering a thrilling and mesmerizing experience for all in attendance.