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DJ Gigola

Saturday Castle Stage
DJ Gigola will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Castle Stage together with: BAVR & Jonas Lion, Gerd Janson & Partiboi69, John Noseda, Oppidan & UNOS

Like Gigolo, but Gigola! Borrowing her name from the old French 'gigole', meaning 'dancing woman', Gigola is one of the hottest names in the game. Contrary to conventional notions, she embraces the duality of being both a dancing woman and a playboy, transcending stereotypes. Breaking down boundaries with a genre-fluid approach, Gigola captures the zeitgeist of a generation that challenges fixed concepts. Her critically acclaimed releases masterfully blend dance and pop music, showcasing a hybrid sound that defies easy categorization. During her DJ sets, she fearlessly transitions between Madonna, old Bonzai records, and Surgeon within minutes, reflecting her enigmatic and curious nature. While her selection may seem whimsical, she intricately connects diverse tracks through a common thread: rhythm. Gigola experiences music through the rhythmic structures of percussion, emphasizing groove over melodic harmonies. This profound understanding, coupled with audacious experimentation, positions DJ Gigola as one of the most exhilarating DJs to encounter on the dance floor.