David August (live AV with MFO)

Sunday Concert Hall
David August (live AV with MFO) will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Concert Hall together with: Another Taste, Cymande, Floating Points & Lefto Early Bird presents 'Motherless Father In Movement'

David August's artistic journey has been a reflection of his deep exploration of emotionality and subconscious communication. Starting his musical career as a teenager in Hamburg, he embraced experimentation and self-evaluation, leading him to venture into more experimental territories. Despite a rigorous academic musical education, it was his establishment of the 99CHANTS label that marked a significant turning point. Through collaborations with esteemed artists and promoting lesser-known talents, August found a platform to express his evolving artistic identity. His latest project, 'VĪS', is a multi-disciplinary endeavor that imagines an alternative evolution of mankind through sound, showcasing his commitment to collaboration and innovation. With a diverse range of experiences, including performances at renowned venues and festivals worldwide, David August continues to push the boundaries of artistic expression.