Communal dancefloor energy at one of
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Dana Kuehr & islas

Sunday Forest Stage
Dana Kuehr & islas will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Forest Stage together with: Byron Yeates & Fais Le Beau, Introspekt, Job Jobse & PARAMIDA & Alex Kassian

Dana Kuehr, originally from Chicago, now calls Brussels home, drawing inspiration from the Midwestern electronic scene. Her music blends rugged electro rhythms, wiggly basslines, and obscure melodies, radiating colourful energy. With a double EP on Basic Moves and collaborations on sound installations, Dana is a resident at Sundaze parties in Brussels. Islas curates meticulously selected vibrations, crafting sets that traverse electronic landscapes with surprises at every turn. Blending dance music, delay pedals, ASMR, and ambient sounds, islas explores the magic of sound collisions and the joy of creating the previously unheard.