Bendrik & Max Telaer

Saturday Contrast Stage
Bendrik & Max Telaer will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Contrast Stage together with: Catalina, Hagop Tchaparian (live), ISAbella, Sally C & OCB, Skin On Skin & Zouzibabe

Bendrik and Max Telaer, two stalwarts of Brussels' electronic music scene, are joining forces for an electrifying B2B set. With years of experience and a shared passion for crafting immersive sonic experiences, they bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to the turntables. Bendrik's residency at La Cabane has cemented his reputation for delivering dynamic sets that span genres and eras, while Max Telaer's distinct sound signature and quality productions have earned him acclaim both locally and internationally. Together, they promise to take audiences on a journey through the depths of club music, seamlessly blending disco, breaks, and the latest releases for an unforgettable night on the dancefloor.