Barker (live)

Friday Forest Stage
Barker (live) will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Forest Stage together with: Asian Sal, Bjeor, Deetron, Emily Jeanne, Lola Haro & Marcel Dettmann & Ogazón

As a musician, DJ, and co-founder of Leisure System label, Sam Barker has been a driving force in Berlin's dance music scene, exploring beyond traditional techno and trance to incorporate left-field sound design and rhythmic complexity. Whether solo or with Barker & Baumecker, his music seamlessly blends bass, breakbeat, dub, and ambient elements while maintaining a strong connection to the dancefloor. As a curator for Leisure System, Barker has pushed techno's boundaries with releases by Dopplereffekt and EPs by Objekt and Visionist. His solo debut EP 'Debiasing' on Ostgut Ton challenged dancefloor conventions, while his album 'Utility' (2019) offered a playful exploration of utilitarian and transhumanist ideas. Barker, a classically trained musician, is also known for his work as an instrument designer and builder, Voltek, collaborating on projects like a sonic exploration of empty factories in Detroit with Underground Resistance's Ray 7.