Communal dancefloor energy at one of
the world's most sustainable music festivals.


Sunday Castle Stage
ANOTR will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Castle Stage together with: Ava Eva, Bonobo (DJ set), Jeroen Delodder, Larson, Mr. G (live) & Natalie Robinson

It's time to dive into the eclectic universe of ANOTR, an Amsterdam-based duo that redefines boundaries. Fusing hypnotic, energetic beats with influences spanning disco, soul, funk, and jazz, they craft a unique sound bridging the past and present. True to their artistic vision, ANOTR advocates for authenticity over public opinion, encouraging listeners to expect the unexpected. Embrace the familiar while remaining open to new musical dimensions. Join them on their journey where rules are forgotten, and music is a dynamic exploration of possibilities. Let their curated sounds guide you into uncharted territories of rhythm and melody.