Saturday Sweet Spot
Adi will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Sweet Spot together with: Aspetuck, Hame (Live), Martinou (live), noc:turne, Orion (live), Sybil, Voices from the Lake & YØU$UK€ ¥UK1MAT$U

Adi is an intrepid artist who has been weaving musical tales since 2013, drawing from her Latin heritage, classical, jazz, and soul influences, and even exploring psychedelia. With a residency at Funke nightclub in Ghent and a role at Colombia's Rio Hostel, she co-hosts 'Experimental Elevator Music' on Kiosk Radio & EOS. Her debut album, BM14, released under Basic Moves, showcases her diverse style. As a co-founder of 'For Playful Manners', she collaborates with Walrus, releasing their second EP this year. Adi's performances span from Waking Life to DC 10 Ibiza, leaving an indelible mark on festivals like Horst and events like Giegling. Co-founder of Automagicalley, she fosters collaborations with artists and labels worldwide.