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Saturday Plantasia
7038634357 will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Plantasia together with: Alex Albrecht (live), Boris Van Overschee & Soft Focus, Cami Layé Okún, Coline Cornélis, David Datunashvili (live), DJ Rino, Gaiko & Baum (live) & Jonny Nash

7038634357, the electronic musical persona of Neo Gibson, hails from Arlington, VA, born in 1995. With a penchant for melody, distortion, and precision, Gibson's sonic explorations captivate listeners. His recordings, showcasing a unique blend of electronic elements, are distributed through esteemed platforms such as New York's Blank Forms Editions, Shanghai's Genome 6.66 mbp, and Gibson's work promises an immersive journey into the realm of experimental soundscapes, where innovation meets expression.