Nathan Elias

Saturday Orbit Stage
Nathan Elias will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Orbit Stage together with: Atsuo The Pineapple Donkey, BADSISTA, Blck Mamba, C.FRIM, Caianda & Ninette & Yaovi

Nathan Elias, a 24-year-old Belgian-Korean musician based in Brussels, crafts electronic music influenced by diverse styles and cultures, creating a dark and melodic universe with unique sounds. Joining cloudshaper label, he prepares to release a double album, "HYPERMNESIA" (Pt.1/2) in 2022 and "DYSMNESIA" (Pt. 2/2) in 2023. Nathan's music features kinetic, vibrant beats and embodies his distinct vision. His live set mesmerizes audiences with its captivating atmosphere. The second single from Part I, "GRAVITY 0%", blends crusty dubstep vibes with summery synth stabs, evoking a relaxed yet sleek feel. Inspired by North American house music and artists like Ross from Friends and dj Boring, it's a track that invites listeners to dance into summer.