Saturday Concert Hall
MEZERG will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Concert Hall together with: Jennifur (live), Love Remain, SBTRKT (live), Sofia Kourtesis (live), VNVND (live AV) & YellowStraps

Mezerg is a true pioneer in modern music technology, showcasing unparalleled creativity and skill as a multi-talented instrumentalist. His live performances are a testament to his innovative approach, blending electronic and acoustic elements to create music across genres, from funk to acid techno. With his hands and feet seamlessly linked to his instruments, Mezerg crafts mesmerizing rhythms using keyboards, effects pedals, and the theremin, which has become emblematic of his project. Combining the energy of house music with the intimacy of an acoustic performance, Mezerg's live sets are captivating and unforgettable. Paying homage to both jazz bars and nightclubs, he delivers a whirlwind of energy and irresistible sounds that keep audiences hooked from start to finish.