Merve & Narciss

Friday Orbit Stage
Merve & Narciss will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Orbit Stage together with: Angel D'lite & DJ Sweet6teen, Helena Lauwaert, Otis, Pegassi & Trillosta

Merve and Narciss are set to deliver an electrifying performance together. As one of Australia's most revered dance music innovators, Merve is known for her ability to traverse various styles and captivate audiences with her infectious energy. From underground basement parties to large-scale festival stages, Merve's sets take listeners on unforgettable journeys. With a knack for blending elements from cultural heritage with modern sounds, Merve creates a refreshing dancefloor experience wherever she goes. On the other hand, Narciss brings a unique and unpredictable musical approach to the table. Despite being deeply rooted in 90s music, Narciss's extensive musical knowledge spans various genres, allowing them to craft sets filled with groove, swing, and emotional depth. With influences from a broad spectrum of genres, Narciss keeps audiences on their toes, delivering energy-packed performances that leave smiles on faces and bodies in motion. Together, Merve and Narciss promise to create a dynamic ride, blending their styles to give a performance that transcends expectations and leaves a lasting impression.