Job Jobse

Sunday Forest Stage
Job Jobse will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Forest Stage together with: Byron Yeates & Fais Le Beau, Dana Kuehr & islas, Introspekt & PARAMIDA & Alex Kassian

Those at the Castle Stage closing last year will fondly remember Job Jobse's high-energy set. The Amsterdam native is a universally adored DJ who earned his stripes at Trouw, where he immersed himself in the music and culture that captivated him. From humble beginnings in the club's toilet, he evolved into one of the iconic club's most exciting residents, garnering international acclaim. Versatile and in-demand, Job graces festivals and clubs worldwide while maintaining residency at De School in Amsterdam and hosting 'Strangelove' parties, uniting artists with strong musical connections. Job's insatiable quest for new music ensures a promising future for the imprint, reflecting his enduring commitment to the evolving soundscape.