Jeroen Delodder

Sunday Castle Stage
Jeroen Delodder will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Castle Stage together with: ANOTR, Ava Eva, Bonobo (DJ set), Larson, Mr. G (live) & Natalie Robinson

Jeroen Delodder brings over 20 years of DJ experience and an unparalleled passion for music to every set. Starting as a party DJ at sixteen, he's since become a fixture on Studio Brussel, hosting shows like Switch, The Greatest Switch, Studio Ibiza, and more. Today, he shares his latest discoveries on every Thursday on ‘Disco Donderdag’. On weekends, you'll find him alongside Amber Broos on Untz, keeping the party going. In summer, he mixes and chats about summer tunes at Camping Belgica and plays everywhere from small bars to big festivals. From club classics to future hits, Jeroen blends genres effortlessly, creating unforgettable experiences wherever he plays.