Communal dancefloor energy at one of
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Gaiko & Baum (live)

Saturday Plantasia
Gaiko & Baum (live) will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Plantasia together with: 7038634357, Alex Albrecht (live), Boris Van Overschee & Soft Focus, Cami Layé Okún, Coline Cornélis, David Datunashvili (live), DJ Rino & Jonny Nash

Gaiko and Baum collaborate to merge club music's energy with intricate, dreamlike compositions. GAIKO's productions, drawing from genres like IDM, jungle, and grime, aim to evoke the dance floor's emotions but are equally suited for home listening. Meanwhile, BAUM, known for her work with Pablo's Eye, crafts electro-acoustic landscapes featuring eclectic voices and field recordings. Together, they blend electronic and acoustic elements in live performances, utilizing violin, vocals, and piano, along with reel-to-reel tape recorders. Their seamless fusion of electronic beats and organic soundscapes creates a captivating journey for audiences, bridging the gap between club vibes and ambient exploration.