Daria Kolosova

Friday Contrast Stage
Daria Kolosova will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Contrast Stage together with: Cheb Runner & Sara Dziri, Marlon Hoffstadt, Roza Terenzi & THC & Spirite

Daria Kolosova is one of the most sought-after selectors in the European techno scene, boasting over 12 years of experience built in her native home of Ukraine. Her eclectic mixing style transcends genres, anchored in hard and groovy techno but seamlessly blending breakbeat, industrial, electro, hardcore, and jungle elements. This genre-bending approach infuses her performances with excitement and a rich diversity of sounds. Now based in Berlin, Daria has graced some of the world's most iconic venues, with regular appearances at Berghain, Bassiani, Fabric and DC10. Her pounding sets are a sonic journey that captivates any dancer, making her a dynamic and influential force in the global techno circuit.