Cheb Runner & Sara Dziri

Friday Contrast Stage
Cheb Runner & Sara Dziri will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Contrast Stage together with: Daria Kolosova, Marlon Hoffstadt, Roza Terenzi & THC & Spirite

Cheb Runner, rooted in Moroccan soil, explores diverse musical landscapes with a blend of traditional and contemporary electronic music. As a producer, composer, and DJ, he merges Moroccan chaabi, spiritual sounds, eclectic disco, techno, and Dutch gabber. Resident at Ghana's Oroko Radio and part of Rotterdam's (A)WAKE collective, he's a familiar face at Brussels' Kiosk Radio. He recently joined the Not Your Techno family, spearheaded by Sara Dziri. Born in Antwerp to Belgian and Tunisian parents, Sara uses music to bridge cultural divides. Establishing herself in Brussels' electronic underground, she released her debut album 'Close To Home' in 2022, blending classic Arabic and Turkish Ney with emotive compositions. With a DJ residency at Brussels' Fuse club and involvement in the Not Your Techno platform, Sara prioritizes diversity in nightlife, creating inclusive spaces for female, queer, and POC artists.