Byron Yeates & Fais Le Beau

Sunday Forest Stage
Byron Yeates & Fais Le Beau will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Forest Stage together with: Dana Kuehr & islas, Introspekt, Job Jobse & PARAMIDA & Alex Kassian

Fais Le Beau, founder of Gay Haze in Brussels, brings a decade of experience cruising Europe's queer party scene. Influenced by 90s house and trance, his sets create euphoric moments on the dancefloor. Byron Yeates, head of Radiant Love label in Berlin, is known for his signature sound showcased at venues like Panorama Bar and Tresor. His sets, often spanning over 8 hours, blend playful theatrics with sincere emotion, infusing progressive trance, throwback house, and downtempo beats. His label releases trance-oriented EPs, featuring floor-ready cuts rich with unexpected textures and melodic depth.