Boaksi (live)

Sunday Sweet Spot
Boaksi (live) will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Sweet Spot together with: BSS, Galcher Lustwerk (live), Jane Fitz, Marvin, Nosedrip & RIET

Boaksi, a DJ/producer hailing from Zürich and co-label head of Project Indigo, is renowned for his eclectic blend of breakbeat, house, and ambient music. His signature sound is characterized by intricate layers of synth patterns and textured percussion, creating emotive and immersive sonic landscapes. In April 2022, he unveiled his debut album, "i thought it was yesterday," which garnered widespread acclaim. Following this success, Boaksi curated a remix compilation featuring esteemed artists like Lawrence, Soela, and Louf. Continuing his prolific output, 2024 has seen the release of two EPs on respected labels including Lola Haro’s Small Steps and Seb Wildblood’s All My Thoughts. These latest productions showcase Boaksi's evolution, incorporating more club-oriented elements while retaining the emotive depth of his earlier work.