Bibi Seck

Saturday Forest Stage
Bibi Seck will play Paradise City Festival on Saturday at the Forest Stage together with: Anz, DJ Peugeot & EG, Mambele, Move D & Suze Ijó

We had to invite Bibi back after a massive set at the Castle Stage last year. Her electrifying energy and exceptional mixing skills have captivated audiences in Belgium and are now making waves across Europe. She embodies the essence of a self-made star in the electronic music scene, with undeniable talent, passion, and a diverse catalogue that constantly surprises. Bibi has a special gift for connecting with her audience, creating a dynamic and high-energy atmosphere wherever she performs. As a multidisciplinary creative, she seamlessly blends various electronic music influences, infusing her sets with a sense of joy, celebration, and the uplifting power of music.