Angel D'lite & DJ Sweet6teen

Friday Orbit Stage
Angel D'lite & DJ Sweet6teen will play Paradise City Festival on Friday at the Orbit Stage together with: Helena Lauwaert, Merve & Narciss, Otis, Pegassi & Trillosta

Angel D'lite and DJ Sweet6teen join forces in a sonic fusion of post-constructivist rave and high-energy lovecore. Hailing from a neon-lit alternate universe, Angel D’lite blurs genres with her femme sensuality and roughneck rave euphoria. From London's underground to international queer resistance, she crafts sets blending naughty breakbeat, downtempo house, and disco breaks. With releases on Radiant Records and Ritual Poison, she's lit up iconic venues like Panorama Bar and De School. Meanwhile, DJ Sweet6teen brings 90’s rave passion, digging out dancefloor gems from dusty corners, delivering a genre-bending journey from house to trance and UK Garage.