PARAMIDA & Alex Kassian

Sunday Forest Stage
PARAMIDA & Alex Kassian will play Paradise City Festival on Sunday at the Forest Stage together with: Byron Yeates & Fais Le Beau, Dana Kuehr & islas, Introspekt & Job Jobse

Prepare to embark on an ethereal sonic journey as PARAMIDA and Alex Kassian join forces behind the decks. PARAMIDA, drawing from dance music's iconic eras and venues, delicately weaves a tapestry of genres and eras, reflecting her playful yet sincere style. Founder of Love On The Rocks label, she brings outsider dance culture to the present day, establishing cherished connections worldwide with her global performances. Alex Kassian, based in Berlin, infuses sophistication and cinematic vibes into his sound, influenced by his work in contemporary dance. With releases on labels like Love On The Rocks and Utopia Records, Alex, alongside Hiroaki OBA as Opal Sunn, delivers immersive sonic experiences. Together, their eclectic tastes blend proto-house, trance, and techno, promising an unforgettable musical odyssey that transcends boundaries and elevates spirits.