Welcome to SAN! - Paradise City 2018

Welcome to SAN!

This year SAN will curate the menu at the Restaurant of Paradise City.
The gastronomic headliner will be Sang Hoon Degeimbre, who will apply his SAN restaurant’s concept to the pop up restaurant of the festival. Like last year this restaurant will be located on a breathtaking spot on the castle peninsula, between the castle and the Orangery with a stunning view on the water and the main stage. Sang Hoon Degeimbre has always strived to offer a sustainable gastronomy, which is in perfect harmony with the values of the festival. So we were really thrilled when they accepted to host the restaurant this year with SAN.
SAN present a very refined cuisine in bowls instead of plates and as only cutlery a big spoon. The menu proposed for Paradise City will be offered for the price of 99 euros and will be composed of a cocktail with amuse bouche as well as three courses.

Sustainable gastronomy at its best!
75% of all spots are already booked, so be quick and book the last chairs here.

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