Transport - Paradise City 2018


How do I get to Paradise City?

It goes without saying that we recommend you to use your bike or public transport to get to the festival. The bike racks will be lit at night.

Go to and follow the junctions to our festival, from your location. Our festival is located in Perk, right next to junction 56.
Whilst on the road you don’t have to worry about anything but to follow the signs on your chosen route to the festival.

Address: Kasteelhoekstraat 1, Perk, Belgium

Where can I park?

Several parking areas will be available.
Before entering the centre of Perk you will be able to access a protected parking area on your right hand side. Follow the parking signs. The entrance of the parking is situated on the split of the Tervuursesteenweg and Perksesteenweg in Perk.

By car By Uber By Zipcar By bus By taxi Kiss & Ride


We believe that good music tastes even better when accompanied by good food! Our food trucks serve delicious food with minimum impact on the environment. Ingredients are seasonal and biological, served in compostable tablewear. The menus are mostly vegetarian, but there is also room for sustainably caught fish. What’s more, all these various food trucks are joining forces to source their ingredients locally.