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Paradise City Festival 2023
Posted May. 23, 2022 in All, Green, Partners
River Sunday by River Cleanup: our partner in clean waterways and sustainability

Like last year, we are working closely with River Cleanup, a Belgian non-profit organization on a mission to keep our rivers waste-free. Last summer, their motivated team of volunteers collected excess trash on-site and created an awareness campaign about the severe impact of pollution on our ecosystem. All funds gathered from our visitors who donated the deposit on their reusable cups were donated to their cause. The organization will be present at our next festival in even greater numbers.

As World Environment Day is coming closer (June 5), River Cleanup is relaunching a call to action for their monthly River Sunday initiative. “We created this monthly activity to have a continuous positive impact and mobilize our community of River Warriors regularly”, explains Arno Doggen of River Cleanup. “We call upon our community to help us clean the Belgian waterways every first Sunday of the month. You take action by yourself or join us to share the experience with others.”

As said by our River Cleanup :

“Every year, 11 billion kilograms of plastic end up in our oceans. Rivers transport most of it to the seas, impacting local ecosystems and endangering marine and coastal animals. Plastics break down into microplastics and attract pesticides, detergents, and other toxic substances. Scientists discovered microplastics in the food and drinks we consume daily. Every week, we consume at least 5 grams of plastic, the equivalent of a credit card. Every year we eat 250 grams, which adds up to 20 kilograms of plastics during a lifetime. Recent research shows that microplastics interfere with natural hormone systems and can impact the fertility of the next generations. By focusing on the area in and around rivers, we can restore the natural beauty of our environment and keep both people and wildlife safe from the harmful effects of micro and macro plastic pollution”.

On Sunday June 5, River Cleanup hosts several different cleanup events across the country. The organization provides gloves, trash bags and litter pickers. To nudge those who need a little extra motivation in the right direction, we are giving away four duo day tickets to people who want to participate in River Sunday. So if you feel like making a difference for our ecosystem, get in touch with their team and join the movement now!

Paradise City Festival
30 June, 1 & 2 July 2023

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