Practical - Paradise City 2018



Where can I buy tickets?
Can I share my weekend ticket with a friend?

Yes of course… if you don’t go. The ticket doesn’t have to be registered in your name or match your identification. There is only one rule: one ticket = one person.

Note that your Wristband is not transferable (don’t think you can share it with your BF)

If you want to sell your ticket to a friend, no problem. If you want to change or cancel a ticket you’ve bought, that’s fine too.

How many tickets can I order?

You can buy tickets for someone else. Note that there is a limit of 10 tickets per order.

Is there a ticket office at the festival?

Yes, you’ll be able to buy ticket at the entrance if Paradise City is not sold out. Last year Saturday was sold out, so we recommend buying your ticket upfront. Also, tickets will be 10euro more expensive at the door. Just so you know.

Does my ticket take me to the afterparty?

You can buy your tickets for the afterparty for Sunday. Also many unofficial afterparties are happening in Perk on Friday and Saturday.

Is there a minimum age?

Nope! Everybody’s welcome at Paradise City Festival and kids below 12 years even enter free of charge. However, all kids below 18 have to be accompanied by their parents.

Alcohol will only be sold to people over 18!

Please mind their ears and provide protection for the younger once. We have free earplugs available at the festival.

Festivalgoers with disability

Is the festival wheelchair friendly?

People with wheelchairs get free access to the comfort area. There’s a disability parking close to the entrance of the festival. You will be allowed to park there after showing your personal parking card. Further, there will be dedicated toilets on site.

We are trying our best to make the festival accessible to all, but we cannot guarantee that moving around in a wheelchair will be easy (grass, etc).

There are risks of getting stuck (risk of entanglement?) if it rains, because the ground is not hard.

Opening hours

What are the festival opening hours?

You can check-in on Friday from 14.00h and check-out until 01.00h.

The festival starts Saturday at 12.00h until 01.00h and Sunday at 12.00h till 23.00h.

The after party on Sunday will take place at 23.00h till 06.00h.

The camping opens on Friday at 14.00h till Monday morning at 11.00h.

Time table

Where can I find the line-up?

Right here !


How to get there?

Follow this link to our Transport page !


Are there lockers provided at the festival?

Yes, at the entrance. We provide lockers to keep your stuff safe, for €7-10 per day!

Money, cashless festival

Electronic payments with wristband: Why electronic payment? How does it work?

At the entrance of Paradise City, we will scan and link your ticket to your wristband. Once it is activated you can check in and check out of the festival during your stay by scanning your wristband with one of our Staff members.

To charge your wristband with credit you can use one of our many cash desks, special unmanned Cashless top-up machines, or you can even charge your wristband with our Paradise City APP (which you can now download on the Apple Store and Play Store).

To avoid queuing, top up your credits in advance on your computer or on your phone.

How does it work?

First, download the Payconiq app here.

Then, create your personal account on Playpass. If you already have an account, login here  and charge your account with the amount (of credits) you want.

You can gain:

  • 5 free-credits for 70 credits bought
  • 10 free-credits for 100 credits bought
  • 20 free-credits for 150 credits bought

You won’t have to go all the way to the entrance of the festival if you want to recharge your credits. Just buy some on your phone, then scan your wristband and enjoy a cool drink or have a delicious meal at one of our many food trucks !

Why should I buy credits upfront?

As we have different options to charge your wristband during the festival, there might be a waiting line. So, to avoid queues we strongly advise you to buy your credits upfront. All you need to do is to bring your Credit voucher at the entrance, we’ll scan it and transfer your credits to your wristband.

How do I charge my Paradise City Wristband during the festival?

This year we have 3 magnificent charging options for you:

  1. You can go to one of our cash desks, which are spread across the festival ground. Here you can pay with cash or card.
  2. Use one of our unmanned cashless top-up machines (card only) where you can charge your wristband very quickly.
  3. As from this year you can charge your wristband with our Paradise City app. Just login, create/link your account, add your payment method (Payconiq, VISA, etc) and you’re good to go. More information about the app can be found soon on our website and at the festival itself.
All right, but how do I know how many credits are left on my wristband?

After every order you place at a bar, your left over credits will be shown on the device. If for some reason you forget how many credits you have left, just go to a bar or cash desk and ask one of our crew members.

So, can I recover the money remaining on the wristband when I leave the festival? And are you guys going Big Brother with my wristband?

If you still have some money left on your wristband after the festival, you can simply ask for a refund on our website after the festival. More information on how and where to get your refund will be given after the festival.

New this year is that you will also be able to donate your credits that are left on your wristband to a good cause.

And no worries, there is no GPS tracking device placed in your wristband, so the Paradise City Big Brother crew won’t be able to track you down. But… this is on our to-do-list for our edition in 2084.

Note: If you would like to get a refund, please be aware that there will be a small service fee charged. (Amount not yet known: Playpass will set it for us, but it will be around 0.50euro)

Is there a limit to the amount I can recharge?

No limit. Sky is the limit.

For your own safety the maximum amount you can recharge at once is 450 euros.

Are there ATM’s at Paradise City?

We do not have ATM machines for paper money at Paradise City! BUT… we do have some special Paradise City ATM’s where you can charge your wristband with your card. One ATM is located at our campsite (Paradise Inn) and the others ATM’s are spread over the festival ground.

Can I charge my wristband at Paradise Inn (campsite)?

Yes you can! There will be a Paradise City ATM located at Paradise Inn, so you are able to charge your wristband all day and all night during your stay.

Do I need to check-out every time I leave the festival?

Every time you leave Paradise City and you want to come back the same day, you’ll have to check yourself out at the exit. This can be done easily: scan your wristband on the black boxes found at the exit, and the trick is done.

It is your responsibility to check yourself out! Failing to do so may give you problems when checking back in the same day.

Once you are ready to go to sleep, at the end of a beautiful day full of partying, you can exit the festival without checking yourself – we will reset all access control and you can scan your wristband the next day, if you bought a ticket of course…

Safety and medical help

How about security and first aid on and around the festival premises?

There is a first aid station permanently present on site, clearly marked on the festival terrain and map. Please be aware that these people stand in for your safety and the safety of your loved ones, so it’s highly recommended to follow their instructions carefully.

The Security team is also available on and around the festival.

Are there earplugs on site?

Yes and we distribute them for free. Take care of your ears!

Can I bring my medication?

Of course, if it’s legal medication.

So, no other medication?

Nope! Paradise City Festival holds a zero-tolerance drug policy on site. Same for your own alcohol: bars will be plentiful on site and at the camping.

OK then no drugs allowed?

No, drugs are not allowed on the festival ground. Police will do searches at the entrance.


Is my camping ticket automatically included in my festival ticket?

Only on Holiday tickets. Not on Day and Weekend tickets. If you forgot to order your camping ticket, a camping upgrade is available.

Where to stay during the festival?

We provide a campsite next to the festival grounds on the domain of Ribaucourt.

Paradise City is the first festival offering a comfortable and super sustainable camping experience. We recommend people not to bring their own tents but use ours, you can reserve one on our webshop.

If you decide to bring your own, you’ll have to pay a warranty. At the end of the festival, you’ll get it back after we confirm that you left your camping place clean and tidy.

As you may know, every year a lot of stuff is left behind on festival campsites after a festival is finished. This includes bottles and glasses, but also tents! To be more specific: 1 in 4 people leave their tent behind on the various campsites worldwide! People feel hungover and tired, and don’t feel like folding up their tent. As you can imagine this causes a lot of waste and it is not all too good for the environment… after only a single use all these tents will go to the garbage dump!

No worries, we’ve got you covered: meet our circular camping where each camper has the opportunity to rent recycled camping gear! How cool is that?

To access the campsite, you must be in possession of a valid camping wristband. You will receive your wristband at the campsite cash register.

Don’t forget to bring your ID! No ID = no entry! One ticket is valid for one entrance per person.

Are there camping facilities included?

On our camping you can take a hot shower and use toilets. You will also find what you need to do your dishes and recycle your waste!

Hungry after a day of partying? Breakfast is available at the camping: on Saturday and Sunday from 08.00h till 12.00h and on Monday from 08.00h until 11.00h.

Our camping crew will be at your disposal to answer all your questions and needs (hospitality desk), and the security will also look after you.

Are there hotel options?

Yes, just here and we have great deals with shuttle included.

Opening hours?

Check-in: Continuously from Friday June 29th, starting at 14.00h. Check-out: Monday, July 2nd, before 11h00.

Are there lockers on the campsites?

Only at the festival, sorry.


Can I buy cigarettes? Can I smoke on site?

There is a small shop on site where you can buy cigarettes from a selection of brands. You can smoke on site, and we will give away free pocket ashtrays! So PLEASE, PLEASE, place your cigarette butts inside!

One thing is forbidden: smoking in our tents!

Can I bring my laptop or tablet to the festival?

Yes, but don’t lose it. We are not responsible for loss or theft of your stuff.

And a camera?

Yes you can. But please enjoy the festival with your senses and not through a lens or a phone display.

Please know that by entering the festival, you automatically agree and accept the terms of use of all video filming and photo image registrations and agree on Paradise City and her media partners to use these images. You will then find photos of the events on our Facebook page and our Instagram account.

Can I access the site with animals?

If you are accompanied by a guide dog for your disability, you may bring animals.

What is absolutely forbidden at the festival?

Bad temper. Seriously, Paradise City is about gathering happy and optimistic people, so mutual respect and respect for the environment is essential to be a good Citizen. We have zero tolerance on violence and intimidating behaviour, discrimination and sexual intimidation. (And that should not be a surprise to a real Citizen!)

Weapons, knife, glass, spray cans, cans, fireworks and umbrellas are not permitted. We are in a magnificent park, please be responsible and throw your garbage in the trash cans. And we expect each Citizen to treat it with respect. Any behaviour that can damage the domain will not be tolerated.

Drugs. We also have a zero-tolerance policy on drugs. You’ll be extensively searched when entering the festival.

Don’t get too wasted! Visitors, who are too drunk, will be removed of the premises.

Stealing or destroying properties of Paradise City or of other parties is strictly forbidden!

Visitors enter the festival ground at their own risk. The organization is not responsible for any kind of damage, both physically and mentally.

Always follow the guidelines of the site stewards, security and emergency services. In cases of discussion, the festival manager always has the last word. Use your common sense and do not bring others in danger.


Can I download an official app?

Yes, on the Apple Store and Play Store (Android) soon.

Lost & Found

I’ve lost my belongings at the Festival, what can I do?

The police of Steenokkerzeel will centralize everything. Contact the info-point. They will help you further.

Volunteers, jobs

Do you hire volunteers?

Are you the perfect bartender? Can you welcome our Citizens with biggest smile ever or you just want to help no matter what, we’ve got you covered.
Register at and let us know which day(s) you are available. You can work alone, with your friends or register with your club/youth movement.

What are you getting in return? A volunteers fee, a T-shirt, catering and free access to the festival – download our crew guide at

Sounds good? Register or send us an e-mail to if you have any questions.

Press coverage

How can I contact you for press-related questions?

Send an email to and/or (Object: Paradise City Festival)



We believe that good music tastes even better when accompanied by good food! Our food trucks serve delicious food with minimum impact on the environment. Ingredients are seasonal and biological, served in compostable tablewear. The menus are mostly vegetarian, but there is also room for sustainably caught fish. What’s more, all these various food trucks are joining forces to source their ingredients locally.