Paradise city festival 2021

Building our sustainable identity even further

Paradise City continues at full capacity on Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 August. Not only does the festival presents an impressive line-up, it also excels in the green aspect and its minimal carbon footprint. Paradise City was named one of the 6 most sustainable festivals in the world by the renowned A Greener Festival. From green energy over conscious food to filtered tap water; in total the organization takes 10 concrete measures* to minimize its climate impact.

(More information at https://paradisecity.be/green/)

The organization is in the process of building the festival, but it does not lose sight of its green identity. In every step of the process, thought is given to how the ecological impact can be reduced to the absolute minimum. This year, the festival is again working closely with numerous environmentally conscious partners and will again audit for A Greener Festival.

“We are confident that we can stimulate change by radiating a positive mindset and in doing so we hope to inspire our visitors to live more sustainably,” said Gilles De Decker, co-organizer of Paradise City. “With new ideas and strong partners, we try to build the festival as green as possible and do better year after year.”

This past year Paradise City organized 4 different corona proof events (Paradise On Boats, Paradise Down by the Lake Drogenbos and Taste of Paradise and Paradise Down by the Lake Beervelde) in that same green philosophy. Therefore all the materials were reused for all the events, the floating cubes – which guarantee better buoyancy and disturb as little as possible the fauna and flora in and around the water – for the boats of Taste of Paradise and Paradise Down by the Lake were reused for the raft bridges at Paradise City and the roofs of the boats were given a new function in the food area of the festival.

Paradise City encourages its visitors as much as possible to come to the festival in the most sustainable way. There are shuttle buses to and from major cities, a 50% discount on train tickets and this year the festival even rewards visitors who come by bike. Wheel of Fortune-wise, bikers have the chance to win an Audi Electric Kick Scooter, tickets to Paradise City 2022 or Blox earplugs with filters and more. In this way, also the festival partners Audi, Aperol, Crodino, Blox, and Biosolis want to encourage festivalgoers to opt for cycling.

For the first time this year, Paradise City is collaborating with River Cleanup (https://www.river-cleanup.org/en); a Belgian organization that cleans rivers and frees them of plastic with a team of volunteers all over the world. The deposit from the cups collected during and at the end of the festival will be invested in their sustainable actions.

Starting this year, the festival will also not sell tobacco on the festival grounds. Last year’s research showed that the cigarette butts collected during and after the event accounted for 24 liters of waste, which is about 10,000 recycled butts or 4,800 m3 of unpolluted water, equivalent to about 65,000 showers. However, vapes from Vuse will be available on site. Vuse is the first global vape brand that is CO2 neutral. Used cartridges can be returned to their booth to be recycled. In addition, Paradise City is partnering with WeCircular to recycle cigarette butts on site.

Other (new) partnerships that Paradise City is entering into:

  • Audi is providing 4 SmartFlowers (https://smartflower.com/): solar panels in the shape of a flower, which rotate with the sun and thus always provide optimal power. The Smartflowers not only provide electricity to the stages, but visitors will also be able to use them to charge their electronic devices. In addition, the brand is also installing an interactive dance floor that supplies power when festival visitors dance on it…
  • L’Ouvroir Upcycling makes new beanbags from the old mesh fabric used for the signs, which can no longer be used (due to the new signs following Covid-19).
  • All waste in the food area is compostable (food, compostable tableware and napkins) and is collected in compost bins provided by EcoWerf. As a result, Paradise City has been awarded the Vlaco Label. 
  • Fluxology provides a new mobility plan. This plan has less impact on the village core of Perk, where the festival takes place.
  • Free earplugs will be distributed during the festival for audience and crew. Blox will also sell high quality earplugs on site.
  • EcoZ will purify the water from the camping showers and return it to the water of the pond around Perk Castle.
  • If there are food surpluses from the food trucks, they will be re-collected by Les Restos du Coeur. This organization distributes food to homeless people in Belgium. For a number of dishes in the food area, a CO2 calculation is given. For next year, the organization wants to make this available for each dish.

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